English for Carers: Offering to Help

31 December 2016

Virginia Allum

Polite English: How to offer help

01 April 2013

Learn English with Rebecca · engVid

Offering help in movies

10 August 2021

Mukhlison Ariansyah

Can I Help You? - English Conversation

09 March 2022

Easy English

English for Carers Offering to Help

24 August 2020

Virginia Allum

Offering Help : Accepting and Declining

07 August 2017

Ezralia Rosa

Offering Help, Tugas listening kelas XII

10 August 2021

Sederet Ilmu

Can You Help Me? asking for assistance English Conversation

14 December 2020

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English expressions to offer help – Free spoken English lessons.

24 March 2015

Learn English Let's Talk - Free English Lessons

How to offer help in English

29 April 2018

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English Speaking for Real Life - How can I help you ?

03 February 2021

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dialog offering help

01 August 2023

Salsa Sabilla Azahra

english dialogues 5: asking for help

28 May 2016

Cuong Nguyen

How to Offer, Request, Refuse and Accept Things in English

07 August 2019

New Model for Learning English

Formal offering help

18 July 2020

syeh harto

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